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I’ve always been there for you, you never knew me.I’ve always been shadowing you, you never felt me.I’ve always been singing to you, you never heard me.I’ve always been watching over you, you never saw me.I’ve always tried to let you go, you never let me.why?

The winter tales. #6

Every night I wait for you,sitting by the lamppost next to the orchids,the old man’s violin enthralls the heart,the tune ethereal, the pain never ending,with the passing of every breath, i think of you,the north wind’s fingers rustling through my locks,a ruse that makes me dream,closing my lids as i drown in ecstasy,the silence surreal … Continue reading The winter tales. #6

Once more.

It’s been a while since we met,taking a walk, together on February eve,Jumping on the metro and lookin’ at eachother,climbing up to random streets, getting lost,finding the way back.Simpler times.Wish we could do that once more,sit on the pink petals and watch the piegons go up,laugh endlessly looking at things that made sense to no … Continue reading Once more.


There’s a void, deep below, tearing me slowly,and yet i keep running to you.Swords pierce my chest,yet i stand, watching you walk away.but it was only yesterday, you had those lil giggles,and now I’m broke.Was it all a lie? Tell me how,cause i see my rainbows vanish now.That’s alright but, you were more vibrant that … Continue reading Someday.


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“A walk in the park on a rainy day makes all your problems fly away.”

Hi, I’m Rahul. Currently an student, i aspire to be a full time writer and an author. Which is why i am here, to tell tales and share my views on the things that take place around the world.

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