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Friend below.

Old souls and old eyes,the wrinkles that were the cause of time.Below the ground you see me from,look at the flowers i brought you some.The clocks on the run don’t you worry,Fix me a nice spot now go and hurry.By the maple tree on the top?Remember the swing we’d hop on.Well, i don’t know if … Continue reading Friend below.

A cry of the wild.

I wander the endless desert, parched. The thirst for a single drop is nigh.There’s an ocean around me that I couldn’t consume.Hunger drives the realm now.I walk through my home, a once lavish empire now a barren land.My friends in the air and the ones in the sea have gone missing.I try to run, forcing … Continue reading A cry of the wild.


I see you go, go far far away. A dream floating in the midnight dark, inside a lost hallway. Closed the doors, for i intend you to stay. I wake up to see you go, go far far away.

The winter tales. #3

The tempests of the snow lands,the flakes of the blizzard.Don’t hide now, for a dead man walks.A foot in the ice and a foot in death,he’s all but cold itself.Don’t whisper his name the little light pleads,the depths of the void is where he lives.A dead man walks the fields of death,searching for life through … Continue reading The winter tales. #3


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“A walk in the park on a rainy day makes all your problems fly away.”

Hi, I’m Rahul. Currently an student, i aspire to be a full time writer and an author. Which is why i am here, to tell tales and share my views on the things that take place around the world.

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